Sep 272016

Chef Peoples was honored to cater a 40th Birthday Celebration on September 18th for Dr. Carter’s wife Adrienne.  Just look at this amazing food!  Many of her friends and family came out to celebrate, and everyone had a great time with DJ KC and Logan the Entertainer. The Menu for the festivities: Cajun Chicken Tenders / Saffron Rice & Rosemary Pork Loin with Asian Vegetable Stir Fry / Lemon Pepper Wings / Fresh Fruit Display surrounding an Ice Sculpture Vase / Taco Bar / and a Shrimp and Grits Station that was the hit of the party.

2016-09-17drwife40thbirthday_5 2016-09-17drwife40thbirthday_4b 2016-09-17drwife40thbirthday_3copy 2016-09-17drwife40thbirthday_2 2016-09-17drwife40thbirthday_1

Jul 202016

Chef Peoples is contracting with Lee Contracting inc. from Pontiac, Michigan, to provide FOOD BY THE PAN everyday for the next 3 to 6 months for their employees at a new plant they are building in McCalla, Alabama.


Jun 102016

Chef Peoples catered a Surprise 50th Birthday Party… the menu: 9 ounce ribeye steaks, 6 ounce chicken supreme, saffron rice, cut green beans with smoked turkey, tossed salad with ranch and italian dressing, etc. Now that’s a lot of food, and some people came back for more. The birthday old boy had a 14 ounce T-bone steak with his chicken and vegetables!

2016-06-10SurpriseBday9 2016-06-10SurpriseBday8 2016-06-10SurpriseBday7 2016-06-10SurpriseBday6 2016-06-10SurpriseBday5 2016-06-10SurpriseBday4 2016-06-10SurpriseBday3 2016-06-10SurpriseBday2

Mar 282016

Easter Egg Hunt For The Children of Brighton Ala. Our eggs were filled with money… some eggs had up to $20! These were some Happy Kids. This event was sponsored by Eddie Cooper, candidate for Mayor of Brighton and Chef Cecil Peoples Owner of Rent A Chef by people’s choice LLC. The music was provided by Black Ball Entertainment.